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A new production in the Jewish Theater marking the anniversary of the events of March’68.

Warsaw, the year 1968.

Her name is Pola. She spends her time studying for her high school diploma and dreams of studying psychology. His name is Kuba. He is a type of poet, a rebel, he wants to take Polish Studies in order to devote himself to writing in the future. His poems have just been published. Poland and Kuba are in love. They plan their first “adult” holidays and the future together...

What kind of future is there for a young love if it is affected by the history that is happening right here and right now?

Travellers is the story of two people who are united by love, and separated by everything that happens around them. Exiled to wander the world and their own lives, they search for themselves in brief encounters, hoping that this time they will dare to speak the unspeakable. The more years pass, the more difficult it becomes for teenagers in love who were separated by history in 1968 to find each other.

Will they manage to find themselves again? Will they be able to find their own place in the world, where they can just be and live together? Will they be able to find their own time?

“Travellers” written by Paweł Mossakowski won a prize in the finals of SZYMON SZURMIEJ INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION FOR A CONTEMPORARY DRAMA ON A JEWISH THEME.