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Spektakl "One same" opowiada o losach pięciu kobiet: Ireny Krzywickiej,  Sophie Tucker, Anny Held, Heleny Rubinstein i Stephanie von Hohenlohe. Spektakl w reżyserii Karoliny Kirsz to produkcja Teatru Żydowskiego w Warszawie.

They themselves

The screenplay was inspired by, among others, the book by Andrzej Krankowski entitled “Pollywood. Fugitives in Paradise.”

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Śmierć pięknych saren Oto Pavla w reżyserii Jana Szurmieja. Spektakl Teatru Żydowskiego w Warszawie.

Death of beautiful roebucks

Paweł Szumiec’s stage adaptation is a selection of stories and colorful memories from Oto Pavel's childhood and teenage years.

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Jewish actors

The six actors in the play tell their own stories. None of them is telling the truth for sure. They are authentic but not necessarily exact. Can an actor, essentially an interpreter, be fully credible? This is why one should take their story with a grain of salt.

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Spektakl Dybuk oparty o tekst Szymona An-skiego w reżyserii Mai Kleczewskiej. Spektakl grany w języku polskim, hebrajskim i jidysz.

The Dybbuk

The show “The Dybbuk” has been based on the classical Jewish drama by S. Ansky, Yiddish “Romeo and Juliet”, a folk legend telling the story of the soul of the deceased Yeshiva student who enters the body of his beloved.

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"Ruchele wychodzi za mąż" Savyon Liebrecht w reżyserii Jacka Papisa na deskach Teatru Żydowskiego w Warszawie.

Rochale Gets Married

Polish premiere of one of Israel's most famous contemporary playwright, Savyon Liebrecht. The author, whose roots trace back to Poland (she was born in 1948 as Sabina Sosnowski), tells a universal story about memory and forgiveness.

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"O karpiu, kozie i trąbce, która gasiła pożary" to spektakl na podstawie opowiadania I.B.Singera w reżyserii Macieja i Adama Wojtyszków. To przedstawienie dla dzieci Teatru Żydowskiego w Warszawie.

About a Carp, Goat and a Trumpet that Put Fires Down

“About a Carp, Goat and a Trumpet that Put Fires Down” is a history of the citizens of Chełm, a bit naive, a bit simple-minded but nevertheless, sure of their wisdom. Together, they make the world gone awry.

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Bóg zemsty Szolema Asha w reżyserii Andrei Munteanu. Teatr Żydowski w Warszawie

God of Vengeance

“God of Vengeance” is one of Sholem Asch greatest works of drama. Born in Kutno, less than sixty five miles away from Warsaw, this great Jewish writer has been almost completely forgotten in today's Poland.

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Opowiadania nie tylko dla dzieci na podstawie opowiadań I.B.Singera w reżyserii Pawła Paszty. Kameralne przedstawienie Teatru Żydowskiego w Warszawie.

Not Only for Children, Tales

We invite you to the world that smells of childhood, where the story of beautiful and dreadful shades of life are told by the Hanukkah’s candle. Miracles do happen...

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Spektakl dla dzieci "Piękna i bestia" w reżyserii Leny Szurmiej. Spektakl Teatru Żydowskiego w Warszawie

Beauty and the Beast

“Beauty and the Beast” is a French folk story that was first written down by Gabrielle-Suzane Barbot de Villeneuve in the 18th century. A simplified version that is better known today was written by Jean-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, also in the 18th century.

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Mazl tov to spektakl muzyczny w języku polskim i jidysz. Reżyseria Gołda Tencer, Teatr Żydowski w Warszawie.

Mazl tov

The show presents everyday lives of Jews who live at Nalewki Street in Warsaw. This is where the cobbler rocks over the hoof and the scholar over the Book. Sitting on a bench, two businessmen who are said to be vouched by Rotshild have a nervous exchange. Although, he forgot to sign the check.

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"Marienbad" wg Szolem Alejchema w reżyserii Macieja Wojtyszki


A charming prose written by Sholem Aleichem and adapted for musical show, “Marienbad” is an outstanding and extremely original item. A show about love, nostalgia and unfulfilled desires.

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Noc całego życia autorstwa Ryszarda Marka Grońskiego w reżyserii Szymona Szurmieja to spektakl o Januszu Korczaku. Przedstawienie Teatru Żydowskiego w Warszawie.

The Night of the Whole Life

“The Night of the Whole Life” is a record of Janusz Korczak's memories of the last night before the extermination. Image after image, scene after scene, just like a movie, the Old Doctor is watching his life.

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