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About a Carp, Goat and a Trumpet that Put Fires Down


O karpiu, kozie i trąbce, która gasiła pożary / proj. Andrzej Pągowski

“About a Carp, Goat and a Trumpet that Put Fires Down” is a history of the citizens of Chełm, a bit naive, a bit simple-minded but nevertheless, sure of their wisdom. Together, they make the world gone awry.

The leading character of the fairy tale based on the stories written by one of the most famous Jewish writers, I. B. Singer, is the local silly, Shlemiel. Trying to cut the losing streak, he decides to go into the world to make a business of his life. How is he supposed to do it, since he keeps facing obstacles? The answer to the question will be revealed at the end of the show, though, everyone knows that “nobody smart will object to the fact that the world is full of strange things!”

21.03.2014 - 18:00
100 minutes, one intermission
This stage show is presented in Polish