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Ah! Odessa - Mama...


Ach! Odessa - Mama...

A musical adapted from Izaak Babel’s works and Odessa songs, portraying a romantic world of roguish Moldavianka in the early 20th century. 

Odessa was like Łódź. It was the promised land for everyone who wanted to make it big very quickly, for example merchants exporting Ukrainian wheat as well as traders and smugglers who took advantage of the duty free zone in Odessa. It also attracted thieves and bandits who robbed members of those two social groups. 

This was the world of Benya Krik, a legendary rogue. It was the world of small houses with maximum three floors, backyards full of awkward various galleries, terraces and porches interconnected with wooden creaking staircases. It was a mixture of everything. It was here where Benya Krik became famous, taking first orders from Froim Gracz, a racketeer from Odessa, before he was crowned the king of Moldavianka and later the whole of Odessa…

Ach! Odessa – Mama… is a musical based on underworld songs that deal with simple stories about feelings, love, honor, treason, with an air of sort of  a gangland sense of humor. The blend of Jewish music, Russian romances, Romanian-Bessarabian rhythms, Turkish and Caucasian melodies, nostalgia of Cossack folk songs mirrors the atmosphere of the Odessa underworld. 


09.06.2012 - 19:00
180 minutes, one intermission
This stage show is presented in Polish