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Bonjour Monsieur Chagall


Bonjour Monsieur Chagall / proj. Andrzej Pągowski

Can you cover the distance between the image and the recipient, and jump right inside somebody's work? This kind of attempt has been pictured by the music show “Bonjour Monsieur Chagall” inspired by the biography of the great artist, his poetry in Yiddish and the two meetings that Szymon Szurmiej had with the painter. 

For a moment, everything is possible, the world slips away the reality, but it's not a dream neither; the lovers and the animals are flying over domes of the Orthodox churches and the poor houses in Vitebsk, Chagall's hometown. The show presents the painter's creative personality but at the same time it also recalls the roots of the Jewish tradition, the fortunes and the misfortunes of the Jewish people, humor and somber reflection that radiates from his works as well as the sequences of the stage show. 

Because on those contrasts Chagall's life was spread, as he himself commented on: “When a Jew is sitting and thinking and fails to grasp what people say to him, it is said that: <<He’s sitting on the moon>>. And when a Jew is telling about something and waving his hands, gesturing vigorously, the conclusion can be just that <<Well, well!!  He's already flying over the roofs>>.”


02.10.2009 - 19:00
100 minutes
This show is in Yiddish with translation into Polish