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We continue our journey into the abundant world of Yiddish tradition.

This time, our guide will by Itzik Manger and his collection of cheerful, funny and informative poems “Itzik's Midrash,” which brought the writer a real fame. In his poems, he placed the Biblical characters as contemporary Jews living in a small town, just so like many little towns in the interwar time. 

Itzik's vivid imagination made Bible part of the common Polish-Jewish cultural landscape. And importantly, a landscape available to anyone, regardless of their background, age or education. This way, the world of Yiddish culture reflects on the universal truths that apply to the human kind in general. Plus, the show features a wonderful music score composed by Dove Seltzer, one of the world’s greatest contemporary composers and conductors. It is a fantastic addendum to the metaphoric message of Itzik Manger’s poems. 

Inspired by post-modernistic history of the Jewish folk for the whole family, this musical comedy represents the best Jewish theatre’s tradition.

We invite you to take the journey that will surely help us to understand today's world. Hence: GELECHTER DURCH TRERN  (“laughter through tears”).

Itzik Manger (1901-1969) is one of the most prominent Jewish lyricist, recognized as one of the so called “poets from Bucovina,” whereas others included Paul Celan, Rosa Ausländer and Alfred Margul-Spergel. In 1928-1938, he lived in Warsaw where he published his books that brought him fame and recognition. His works became part of the World's Poetry Anthology published under UNESCO's patronage. 


We would like to thank Beit Shalom Aleichem in Tel Aviv, represented by Director Avraham Noverstern, for providing a consent for staging Itzik Manger’s work. 

The show will be presented in the Nożyk Synagogue at 6 Twarda St. in Warsaw.

Data premiery: 
21.03.2018 - 14:00
100 minutes without intermission
This show is in Yiddish with translation into Polish