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The Convertible girl


Szabasowa dziewczyna // The Convertible girl

Ron is a middle-aged American Jew and Krystyna is a young, beautiful American. Ron loves Krystyna and Krystyna loves Ron. She wants to get married but he, being twice divorced, is afraid of marriage and therefore creates the illusion that the obstacle to their relationship is the fact that Krystyna is not Jewish. A smart girl, she finds a solution to that problem as well. To Ron's surprise, she decides to convert to Judaism. This is where this bumpy, full of humor, road to Judaism starts for Krystyna. “The Convertible Girl” is a funny and cute romantic comedy with “happy ending.”

The play The Convertible Girl has been written by an American playwright Daniel Simon about whom, his student, Woody Allen, once said: “Everything I know about comedy I learned from Daniel.”

The play was directed by Marcin Sławiński, whose productions have been enjoyed by Warsaw audiences of: Kwadrat, Komedia and Capitol.

Good time guaranteed!


14.01.2017 - 19:15
100 minutes
This stage show is presented in Polish