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Death of beautiful roebucks


Śmierć pięknych saren

Paweł Szumiec’s stage adaptation is a selection of stories and colorful memories from Oto Pavel's childhood and teenage years. Full of magic, the innocent and wonderful years get brutally broken by the cruelty of the WW2 and the time of contempt in communist Czechoslovakia make up the story of Czech-Jewish family told in a way that is typical for Czechs: as laughter through tears.

A warm, funny story about the life of an unlucky salesman who sells vacuum cleaners and fridges manufactured by the “Swedish company Elektrolux”, a passionate fisherman who is platonically in love with the wife of his boss, an artist in his profession and a romantic man becomes more and more tragic towards the end. This is when we realize that the characters survived the inferno of the war, concentration camps, famine and fear. The most important moment in the show is when the Father fights for meat for the sons who are sent to the concentration camp - a good cure for those whose antisemitism still hasn’t been cured.

Selected by the director, the beautiful Jaromir Nohavica's ballads recapitulate each sequence of this romantic story about the human heart and soul form.

30.09.2015 - 19:00
100 minutes
This stage show is presented in Polish