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Ginczanka. Let's go away from here


Ginczanka. Chodźmy stąd

A story about - what? - about life and death - whose? - Zuzanna Polina Gincburg or Zuzanna Ginczanka? - a story about love or maybe war? - about life or about death?

“I am not afraid of the vastness of the world,” wrote the little girl on one of the last days of summer, in the last years of peace, in the world of beautiful past. This opening sentence starts a story, which title could come down to two words only: my life. She doesn't know yet that it will be a brutally stopped, unfinished story: about unfair death, premature death. She tells us this opening sentence speaking from the end of the pre-war Warsaw. There will not be a summer like that anymore, there will not be a city like that anymore and there will not be a world like that anymore. Place after place, all have to be left in a hurry - Warsaw, Lviv, Kraków - they will become a sequence, but not simply geographical. It is first and foremost a sequence of anxieties that Ginczanka goes through. In this show, we will be able to observe the shape of a human who is inevitably approaching the end.

“Something will come: love or war,” she writes it long before the year 1939. “You are dying, old Europe.” Continuous premonition of the upcoming catastrophe, a feeling that we may not exist anymore, generates a question: how to say goodbye to the world knowing that the end is so close? How to use your own words to build a shelter on the pages of literature in order to defend yourself? And finally, when everything prior fails to work: what words should be used to summarize the story: my life.

And one wants to live so badly. One second, one millimeter longer.


The photos used in the stage show are part of the collection of Warsaw’s Museum of Literature. Thank you for providing and sharing the photographs.


14.10.2017 - 17:30
50 minutes without intermission
This stage show is presented in Polish