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God of Vengeance


Bóg zemsty

“God of Vengeance” is one of Sholem Asch greatest works of drama. Born in Kutno, less than sixty five miles away from Warsaw, this great Jewish writer has been almost completely forgotten in today's Poland.

Juxtaposing tradition and modernity, “God of Vengeance” penetrates subjects that still remain a taboo. Asch has constructed the psychology of characters with incredible precision and it has become a trail to follow for the director of the show.

Jankiel, the main character, owns a townhouse, in which he lives with his family. Ostensibly respectable citizen and father, he is running a brothel in the basement, to which his daughter, Ryfka, is baited by one of the prostitutes. Jankiel takes care of his business but at the same time never forgets about the matters connected with the eternal life. Concerned about Ryfka's salvation, he decides to order a special Torah scroll...

Considered obscene and offending Jewish religion, the play was at the time a huge scandal. Despite that, it was also an international success. 

The show in the Jewish Theatre has been prepared by Andrei Munteanu, a director who is affiliated with the second in Europe repertoire Jewish Theatre located in Bucharest. 

“Asch is quite controversial author, says the director, he has been criticized a lot but at the same time he has as many supporters, his work is simultaneously loved and hated. I wanted to prove that Asch's work is definitely worth our attention.” 


The show is suitable for audiences aged 16 and over.

Data premiery: 
19.12.2013 - 19:00
110 minutes
This show is in Yiddish with translation into Polish