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The Great Fair


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“The irony of the story is that have I never for for this bloody Great Fair, I would still be probably alive. And now, as rightly suspected by the smart audience that misses no detail nor dust, I’m a dead man all right. And everything started with... Exactly...” This is how Szymełe Sorokier begins his stage life. He is a tailor who will soon have to face his fate, which will be a consequence of the decision he made to play the lottery again, after thirty years of silence. His wife, Eti Meni, finds it nothing but hazard and losing yourself in an addiction. But this proud husband knows best what he can and can't do. This is how he haphazardly opens Pandora's box full of misfortunes, difficulties, problems and troubles. Twenty million will not save Tailor's family against the delayed rebellion of the thirty years old daughter for whom gifts cannot pay back for the lack of father's attention and mother's warmth. Is there a way back to the old solid order when the world is suddenly turning upside down and everything falls from the sky? Can you remain faithful to yourself and your ideals? These are just some of the questions that will pop to one's mind after watching this extremely funny and crazy musical comedy, but it has been known that everyone should be the master of one's own happiness. As Aristotle once said, “our happiness is up to us and only us.”

Data premiery: 
10.03.2017 - 19:00
80 minutes without intermission
This stage show is presented in Polish