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March ‘68. Live well - it is the best revenge


Marzec '68. Dobrze żyjcie - to najlepsza zemsta

We have been thinking about the idea of a stage show dedicated to the events of March ‘68 for quite some time. It's often that after taking them out of a drawer in which they have been kept, theatrical ideas become completely different ideas. When Gołda Tencer offered us to make a show in the Jewish Theatre it turned out that our old idea is already sort of bleak and we had to start thinking anew. 

It is not a historic nor documentary show. It is a show about how easy it is for people to subjugate events and make them fit in their views. It's hard to learn from the history if the history is treated as a hammer for political opponents. 

Maybe this is the reason why it is so impossible to learn from mistakes. 

In the current political debate, the parties tend to interpret the reality in such way that it fits their consistent, unquestionable whole. This is not a simple “if the facts fail to fit your premises - it's the fact's fault” anymore. When told properly, every single fact will consistent.  While the assertion that political mechanisms remain unchanged is hardly a discovery anymore, it still takes the hope away. 


*Original photograph used on the poster is the property of WFDiF, the material comes from the resource of the Polish National Film Archive.

Data premiery: 
14.05.2016 - 19:00
105 minutes
This stage show is presented in Polish