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Mazl tov


Mazl tov

Full of Jewish humor and jokes, this musical and dance show was prepared specially for the theatre’s tour in Mexico. One of the leading roles is played by Gołda Tencer, who wrote the script and directed the show. The score will be played by a live orchestra conducted by Teresa Wrońska.

The show presents everyday lives of Jews who live at Nalewki Street in Warsaw. This is where the cobbler rocks over the hoof and the scholar over the Book. Sitting on a bench, two businessmen who are said to be vouched by Rotshild have a nervous exchange. Although, he forgot to sign the check.

Let's take a journey to the places that no longer exist but are echoed in the melodies, the voices of the street singers and mothers voices who call on their children to remind them that the soup and the Shabbat chulent is getting cold.

One thing guaranteed - the best guide will be the laughter!

Data premiery: 
07.05.2013 - 15:45
90 minutes
This stage show is presented in Polish