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No there


No there

“Not there” is a stage show about memory that underlies the intimacy of our memories and the acute lack of something that once existed, something that we had and owned. Based on Mariusz Szczygieł's book of the same title, "Not there” is an Internet performance telling a story about oblivion. That it is impossible to remember because memory is selective. People remember what they want. People remember differently. Which means that they don’t remember.

In the stories we shot, we touch upon the problem of the impossibility of stopping time, what has passed, the people we love; the impossibility of capturing what is and will be the past in a moment, because it just happened. What has already happened. Everyone remembers differently. We have a crippled memory report. We tell stories to find out who we are. To get to what's gone. "ours" doesn't exist.

21.08.2020 - 19:00