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Not Only for Children, Tales


Opowiadania nie tylko dla dzieci

Is there anybody who does not believe in miracles at all? Is there anybody who, at least once in their life, has dreamed about moving to a land of fantasy, where in winter the iced branches resemble crystal candelabras and in the summer rivers are flowing with honey among beautiful flower carpets. Or maybe you dreamed about a mysterious castle in the middle of a dark forest, where windows stretch from floor to ceiling and people inside maunder like submissive ghosts?...  

The amazing fairy tales written by I. B. Singer can arouse even the most drowsy imagination. 

We invite you to the world that smells of childhood, where the story of beautiful and dreadful shades of life are told by the Hanukkah’s candle. Miracles do happen...


The show is suitable for audiences aged 8 and over.

10.11.2013 - 12:00
60 minutes
This stage show is presented in Polish