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...something must have been there


…coś jeszcze musiało być

For a long time, Izabella Cywińska has looked forward to staging the stories written by Hanna Krall. She only once adapted her works for the show “The Other Mother” broadcast by TV Theatre in 1999. Besides Myśliwski, Krall is one of the contemporary writers appreciated by Cywińska the most. Her ascetic coverages, the matter that is the most difficult to be staged, in which there are so few words though saturated with mystery and metaphysics, were described by somebody as: “an annex to the Bible.” Cywińska has found an original way, she wrote a beautiful adaptation that suspends on questions. Writing her screenplay “...something must have been there” (texts from the books, such as “Hypnosis,” “There Is No River There Anymore” and “Proof of Existence”), she uncovers the machinery of the theatre in order to make an empty stage her setting. The director, actors and the characters from Krall’s stories carry out an argument about judging during the war time, during the “trial.” They include one of her most important characters, Apolonia Machczyńska, whose fate condemned to make a dramatic choice between her life and the life of her father and children...

In the middle of the show, Tzadik from Kocko appears on stage. He comes for a trial, uninvited, straight from the 19th century. He comes called by the “song of time” sung from the depths of the clock. There is also the crowd of guests who haunt the apartment of the neighbors on Andersa Street. “They are not ghosts but people who once lived there.” They died in ghetto. No they come back to their place, their home. There's also a little black-eyed girl so well known from many of Hanna Krall's books. “She impersonates all children of war.” With the help of her fate, the most important subject of the show is recalled: an indelible guilt “which cannot be imputed, cannot be punished for, but is carried inside, sometimes throughout the whole life.”

Data premiery: 
18.12.2015 - 19:00
70 minutes
This stage show is presented in Polish