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The Townhouse at Nalewki Street


Kamienica na Nalewkach

The show “The Townhouse at Nalewki Street” will be a journey to the places that no longer exist but are echoed in the melodies, the voices of the street singers and mothers voices who call on their children to remind them that the soup and the Shabbat chulent is getting cold. It will transport you to the one and only world that shows the everyday life of Jews living on Warsaw's Nalewki Street. Here you can find anything you’d like to: the quarrels of the gossip girls, the plots of the matchmakers, doctor's advice, Shabbat evenings, lovers meetings and the courtyard music bands. Such Nalewki Street was once the symbol of the Jewish world - a lively, never-sleeping, humorous place. Rest assured that laughter will accompany you during the whole evening.

Data premiery: 
16.12.2000 - 19:00
135 minutes, one intermission
This stage show is presented in Polish