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Women are a better version of men. Irena Sendler, the mother and the caretaker of hundreds of children rescued from the Holocaust, confirms this old wisdom. She saved their lives, thanks to her they survived the Holocaust. Irena Sendler, who cooperated with the ‘ŻEGOTA’ Council to Aid Jews, took them out of the ghetto, arranged fake documents, found houses for them, giving them hope, which was really scarce at that time.   

This play, which deals with the story of this heroic woman, comprises episodes which help you to comprehend the immense risk she took.  She might have been killed not only by Germans but also by the so-called “shmaltzovniks” (blackmailers and informants) and native fascists. Still, Irena (nicknamed Jolanta) fulfilled her mission every day. Afterwards, for many years, she did not say a word about her past,  the idea of getting honors and awards did not cross her mind at all. Today, she comes back to us to remind us that ‘who rescues one life, rescues the entire world’. She saved many worlds, strongly believing that they would be better than the one stored in her memory.

12.04.2011 - 19:00
60 minutes
This stage show is presented in Polish