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Wiera Gran


Wiera Gran

Our Wiera Gran will not meet your expectations. She will not satisfy your desire for emotions, tears and sadness, all that melodrama she is habitually associated with. This is our evil Polish tradition: blood, tears and averaging to the preset low standard of being, to be like all the rest. We know it would be best, if it was as it should be. But in our show Wiera says today she is fed up with meeting the demands and forcing cheap dreams of others. This was the source of what killed her: ongoing spreading of rumors, compliance, censored repertoire, cancelled concerts, eternal battle, general public agreement to her lynch – and 36 years of silence as a result. Today, this created Wiera is demanded to be pretty, stylish, to tell about her pain and to play all the roles that had been imposed on her. And she says no to this deceit. We let her be as she wanted to be: fussy, delightfully kitschy, selfconscious, not created or created too much, all in sequins, elusive, easygoing, with the past tamed, finally free, formal, excessive, without going mushy, no sobbing, no bargain shopping to appear rich, no decorating. 

And finally, no lying that you know what it was like, and what the objective version of “truth” looked like. All the past events are past and we will never have access to them again. There are only descriptions left, and history is nothing but more or less successful literature. It is a description of events, not events themselves.

Thus our show is trying to give the floor back to Wiera Gran.

The show is presented in the Club of the Warsaw Garrison Command at 141a Niepodległości Ave.

Data premiery: 
24.11.2017 - 19:00
80 minutes without intermission
This stage show is presented in Polish