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Proszę bardzo / proj. Przemysław Czepurko

The show is an attempt to install in Zachęta Gallery’s space an autobiographic story of Anda Rottenberg who was heading the place for many years. Therefore, the place has so much importance. The exhibitions organized under her management were the first ones to catch commercial media's attention and took the contemporary art from the gallery to the streets, TV studios and parliament proving that Polish society of the 1990s was absolutely not ready to talk about contemporary art. The first line of the discussion focused on the background, name, and personality of Anda Rottenberg.

The autobiography “You're very welcome” is a painfully honest answer to all the speculations, gossip, confabulations and attacks against Anda that accused her of being “controversial, scandalizing curator and director.” “You’re very welcome” researches history, discovers the tragic fate of unknown predecessors, members of her father’s family murdered by the Nazis in Bełżec and her mother’s Siberian family with as complicated and painful history. This book attempts to include the whole painful genealogy into its identity, without any excuses or without denying the complex, undisambiguatable matter.

The theatrical event based on the autobiography combines motives that concern the complex and intimate self-diagnoses, it is a journey around the family trees, a discovery of branches and an effort to think about the autobiography as the substance of our here and now. 

Stage show by The Ester Rachel and Ida Kaminska Jewish Theater was made in cooperation with The Zachęta National Gallery of Art.

21.06.2018 - 20:30
This show is in Polish