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Gołda Tencer

Gołda Tencer

An actress, director and singer. She was born in Łódź, where she attended Perec Jewish school, making her acting debut on the stage of a school theater. As a child, she also performed in the Powszechny Theater. In 1969, she moved to Warsaw and became affiliated with the Ester Rachel Kamińska & Ida Kamińska Jewish Theater. She studied cultural studies at the University of Warsaw and graduated from the Acting School in the Jewish Theater. Her rich acting oeuvre include primarily roles from the Jewish classic literature. The most outstanding ones are the following: Leah in “The Dybbuk” by S. Anski (directed by Sz. Szurmiej), Cyne in H. Perec’s “Green Fields”(directed by Sz. Szurmiej), Bejłka in Sh. Aleichem’s “Big Win” (directed by J. Rotbaum), Chawe in S. Anski’s “Tevye the Dairyman” (directed by Ch. Buzgan), Dwojra in I. Babel’s “Sunset” (directed by A. Witkowski). Gołda Tencer appeared on the big screen in the following movies: “The Dybbuk,” by S. Szlachtycz (1979), “David,” by P. Lilienthal (1979 – awardee of the Golden Bear Award at the festival in West Berlin), “Stars on the Roof” by J. Gruza (1979), “Austeria” by J. Kawalerowicz (1982), “The Wind of War,” by D. Curtis (1983), ‘Miłość i wojna’, by M. Mizrachi (1985), ‘Siła złego na jednego’ by D. Levi (2004).

Gołda Tencer directed the following theatrical plays: “The Miracle of Purim” (2002), ‘Dla mnie bomba’ (2006) “We, Polish Jews” by J. Tuwim (1993), “The Townhouse at Nalewki Street” (2000), “Bonjour Monsieur Chagall” (2009), “The song of the murdered Jewish people” (1986) were the plays that were directed by Gołda Tencer alongside Szymon Szurmiej. 

In 1988, she founded  the Shalom Foundation, where Gołda Tencer has been appointed Director General. Since 2004, she has been staging the “Singer’s Warsaw” Jewish Cultural Festival. On December 1st, 2009, she was appointed Deputy Director of  the Jewish Theater in Warsaw.