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Grzegorz Kulikowski / fot. Mikołaj Starzyński

Grzegorz Kulikowski

Stage and film actor, member of the Association of Polish Stage Actors and the Union of Polish Actors. In 2005, the President of Poland decorated him with the Silver Cross of Merits. Co-creator of “Ramol” cabaret show. He worked in the following theatres: Powszechny, Ateneum, Dramatyczny, the National Theatre and Warsaw Pantomime Theatre; and played in many movies and TV shows, including: Maciej Wojtyszko’s “Master and Margaret,” Paweł Szulkin’s “Meat” and “Ubu King,” Izabela Cywińska's “God’s Lining,” Rafael Lewandowski’s “Mole,” Andrzej Barański’s “Little Brother,” W. Wójcik's “Ekstradycja” as well as “Kryminalni,” “Vicarage,” “A Ranch,” “Father Matthew,” In the Jewish Theatre he is currently playing in “Marienbad,” “Fiddler on the Roof,” “March ‘68,” “Live Well - It's the Best Revange,” “Szosza,” “The Last Son.”