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Małgorzata Majewska / fot. Mikołaj Starzyński

Małgorzata Majewska

Małgorzata Majewska terminated the School of Acting in the Jewish Theater in 2004 and passed an external drama acting exam. However, she made her debut already in 1998, when she appeared on the stage as Zosia in Wesele, directed by Adam Hanuszkiewicz (Nowy Theater in Warsaw). As Esterka in “The Miracle of Purim,” directed by Gołda Tencer, she made her debut in the Jewish Theater. In the following years, she played in many roles, including Chawa in “Fiddler on the roof,” Cypa in “A Goldfaden dream,” Lajsa in “A Dreadful inn,” Umarła in “At night in the old marketplace,” Szosza in “Szosza,” Śmierć in “The Last Son.”