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Wojciech Wiliński / fot. Mikołaj Starzyński

Wojciech Wiliński

Stage and movie actor, entertainer.

In 1959-62, Wojciech Wiliński worked in the Musical Theatre in Gdynia and in 1964-76 in Teatr Syrena. Between 1970 and 1993, he was collaborating with “Afternoon Tea with the Microphone.” And since 2004, he has been associated with the Jewish Theatre in Warsaw. Wiliński's extensive portfolio includes numerous film and TV roles, such as “Czterdziestolatek [The Forty Year Old],” “Miś,” “Pitbull,” “Tygrysy Europy 2 [The Tigers of Europe].” In the Jewish Theatre, his roles include “March ‘68. Good Life is the Best Revenge,” “The Night of the Whole Life,” “Ah! Odessa - Mama…,” “The Book of Paradise,” “Very Cool,” “The Townhouse at Nalewki Street.” 

He is the son of the actor, Kazimierz Puławski.