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Rejwach / dir. Andrzej Krakowski / photo: Bartek Warzecha


The director has decided to make the author, Mikołaj Grynberg, the main character of “Rejwach” recreating and recalling characters from his books.

Proszę bardzo - spektakl Teatru Żydowskiego w reżyserii Wiktora Rubina. W głównej roli Tomasz Nosinski

You're very welcome

The theatrical event based on the autobiography combines motives that concern the complex and intimate self-diagnoses, it is a journey around the family trees, a discovery of branches and an effort to think about the autobiography as the substance of our here and now.

Chmesz lider - spektakl na podstawie tekstu Icyka Mangera w reżyserii Andrieja Munteanu. Spektakl grany w języku jidysz przez Teatr Żydowski w Warszawie

Chumesz lider

This time, our guide will by Itzik Manger and his collection of cheerful, funny and informative poems “Itzik's Midrash,” which brought the writer a real fame. In his poems, he placed the Biblical characters as contemporary Jews living in a small town, just so like many little towns in the interwar time.

Monodram z muzyką na żywo pt. Ida Kamińska powstał na podstawie tekstu sztuki "Mój teatr" Henryka Grynberga. Spektakl wyreżyserowała Gołda Tencer, dyrektorka Teatru Żydowskiego w Warszawie.

Ida Kamińska

Ida Kamińska built her theatre on the ruins of cries after the burned theatres. She was actively calling the audiences, the silent voices. “Life is something that happens to us even though we may have other plans”, she used to say.

Spektakl 'Kilka obcych słów po polsku" w reżyserii Anny Smolar, laureatki Paszportu Polityki w kategorii Teatr w 2016 roku. Spektakl zrealizowany przez Teatr Żydowski we współpracy z Teatrem Polskim w Warszawie.

A Few Foreign Words in Polish

Anna Smolar presents a play about March ‘68 from a new perspective, unlike anything else before. Daughter of March ‘68 immigrants, born and brought up in Paris, Smolar creates a show which puts a spotlight on the children of people who have the common experience of March 1968.

Jak w przedwojennym kabarecie / reż. Gołda Tencer / fot. Tomasz Urbanek

Just Like the Old Cabaret

Songs, humor, scenes from the inter-war time, in other words, it will be just like a pre-war cabaret. The time of life! The time of fun! The time of singing! The time of dancing! The time of laughter! The time when everything was possible!

Golem - spektakl w reżyserii Mai Kleczewskiej. Ostatnia część tryptyku zrealizowanego przez Teatr Żydowski w Warszawie.


The legend of Golem, an artificial man, is one of the oldest in the Jewish tradition. For years it was penetrating various cultures, vesting them new meanings.

Wiera Gran Weroniki Murek w reżyserii Jędrzeja Piaskowskiego. Spektakl Teatru Żydowskiego w Warszawie.

Wiera Gran

Our Wiera Gran will not meet your expectations. She will not satisfy your desire for emotions, tears and sadness, all that melodrama she is habitually associated with. This is our evil Polish tradition: blood, tears and averaging to the preset low standard of being, to be like all the rest.

Ginczanka. Chodźmy stąd - monodram w reżyserii Krzysztofa Popiołka. Zrealizowany przez Teatr Żydowski w Warszawie

Ginczanka. Let's go away from here

A story about - what? - about life and death - whose? - Zuzanna Polina Gincburg or Zuzanna Ginczanka? - a story about love or maybe war? - about life or about death?

Ostatni Syn Magdy Fertacz w reżyserii Przemysława Jaszczaka. Spektakl Teatru Żydowskiego w Warszawie.

The Last Son

The Last Son, a boy named Os, sets off on a journey. He sets off, even though he is not prepared to travel. This is the first journey in his life, his first steps beyond the safe hiding place where he grew up. There is a war between tribes. Os knows his village only from tales. He heard it is the most beautiful place on Earth. Women from his tribe sing songs praising its beauty.

Spektakl "Kibice" w reżyserii Michała Buszewicza


Our project in the Jewish Theater is an onstage realization of a meeting, which has never taken place in public: between Polish Jews and the supporters of Legia Warszawa football club.

George&Ira Gershwin - spektakl muzyczny Teatru Żydowskiego w Warszawie.

George & Ira Gershvin

Forbidden whiskey, shootings outside windows and affairs that end with suicides, the swing is danced at every party and though it's not easy to live through another day, gentlemen wearing smokings and ladies in fancy dresses...