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Rejwach / dir. Andrzej Krakowski

Officially premiering on stage, “Rejwach” is an interpretation of one of the biggest hit books of 2018. It features several moving stories told by different generations of Poles and Jews. Their relations, personal confessions and sometimes subtle and frivolous humour develop into a multi-voice narration. The director has decided to make the author, Mikołaj Grynberg, the main character of “Rejwach” recreating and recalling characters from his books. And so it seems that the people appearing on stage are speaking the voice of the author who struggles with the matter of the surrounding world and refuses to agree with the established reality. Tired with carrying their secrets alone for so long, interlocutors show up in the schematic cafe, train station, in the corners of the train platforms and streets.

In addition to Andrzej Krakowski, a New York-based producer and writer, author of “Pollywood,” the creators of the stage production include KROKE, a well-known and highly-regarded band and Polish cinematographer, Andrzej Wolf, the creator of the movie “The Story of Irena Sendlerowa,” who designed and directed lights and videos.

27.10.2018 - 19:00
90 minutes without intermission
This show is in Polish