Center for Yiddish Culture

Center for Yiddish Culture


The Center for Yiddish Culture has for goal the research and preservation of Yiddish culture.

Our aim is to familiarize larger public with the rich cultural heritage of Polish Jews in a new and exciting way.

Jewish culture – we believe – has much more to offer than a nostalgic image of the shtetl.

We believe that Jewish heritage is a vivid part and parcel of our contemporary culture.


We offer Yiddish language courses for beginners, intermediary and advanced students. We offer yearly courses on all three levels. Classes for beginners start in the fall. The classes are open for all. Registration forms are available on our site.

We offer as well literature and folk-song workshops throughout the year.

Yiddish film club – we invite the public to watch Yiddish films. The projections are followed by discussions.

Readers club – lectures and discussions concerning books of Jewish interest.

You can follow our activities on our site as well as on Facebook.

Golden Age University – a variety of courses offered for senior citizens.

Open Jewish University.

We have not forgotten the very young. Once a month we offer Sunday workshops for children. They get to know various aspects of the rich Polish Jewish culture. 

We also collaborate with other cultural organizations in order to advance and promote Jewish culture in Poland.

The CENTER FOR YIDDISH CULTURE is a place where we cherish the legacy of our past while integrating it to our present and future. It is also a crossroad of Jewish and Polish culture. Our center is a haven for creative minds, for people interested in culture and its preservation and advancement.


Center for Yiddish Culture

15 Andersa St.
00-159 Warszawa