Center for Yiddish Culture

Center for Yiddish Culture


At the Center for Yiddish Culture of the Jewish Theater, we focus on the language and culture of Ashkenazi Jews. Our mission is to promote Yiddish culture, both its historical heritage and contemporary manifestations.


Yiddish and Hebrew courses - We offer courses at several levels - from beginner to conversational level. Classes are conducted in a hybrid formula or online.

Jewish Open University - We follow to offer an interdisciplinary program of lectures – each semester focused on a different topic. Classes are conducted in Polish by lecturers from the most important research centers in Poland, elsewhere in Europe and USA. We work on this project with the University of Warsaw, and its students can obtain 5 ECTS credits as part of general university classes.

Discussions on literature & art and book presentations

Artistic, music and cuisine workshops – for children, teenagers and adults

International Summer Seminar in Yiddish Language and Culture - A three-week program combining Yiddish language classes at four levels with lectures, workshops and trips is a project of the Shalom Foundation organized in cooperation with the Center for Yiddish Culture.


You can follow our activities on our site as well as on Facebook.

Golden Age University – a variety of courses offered for senior citizens.

Open Jewish University.

We have not forgotten the very young. Once a month we offer Sunday workshops for children. They get to know various aspects of the rich Polish Jewish culture. 

We also collaborate with other cultural organizations in order to advance and promote Jewish culture in Poland.

The CENTER FOR YIDDISH CULTURE is a place where we cherish the legacy of our past while integrating it to our present and future. It is also a crossroad of Jewish and Polish culture. Our center is a haven for creative minds, for people interested in culture and its preservation and advancement.


Center for Yiddish Culture

15 Andersa St.
00-159 Warszawa