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A Few Foreign Words in Polish


Kilka obcych słów po polsku / proj. E.Bąk

Anna Smolar presents a play about March ‘68 from a new perspective, unlike anything else before. Daughter of March ‘68 immigrants, born and brought up in Paris, Smolar creates a show which puts a spotlight on the children of people who have the common experience of March 1968. The script by Michał Buszewicz is based on the accounts of the older generation, for whom Poland is or was the home country, and the younger generation, scattered all over the world. A crucial element of the play are also interviews which Mike Urbaniak conducted in Israel, United States and Europe. Here’s what Anna Smolar and Michał Buszewicz say about the show: “We meet on the 50th anniversary of March ‘68 and we take a look at the younger generation. Who are the children of March immigrants? What was their childhood like, how did their national, cultural and religious identity form? Does March ‘68 still live in us and could show itself in the next generations? What does the young generation know about those events? What do we inherit, what memories, what pictures? How much of March ‘68 is within us? What does the exchange look between two generations with completely different experience? Why is it so difficult to talk to the parents about the past? 


The show “A Few Foreign Words in Polish” is co-organized by the Jewish Theater and the Polish Theater in Warsaw.

10.03.2018 - 20:00
120 minutes without intermission
This show is in Polish with translation into English