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Rochale Gets Married


Ruchele wychodzi za mąż / proj. Maja Wolny

Polish premiere of one of Israel's most famous contemporary playwright, Savyon Liebrecht. The author, whose roots trace back to Poland (she was born in 1948 as Sabina Sosnowski), tells a universal story about memory and forgiveness. After many years of solitude, the title character of the drama finds the man of her life and intends to marry him, when unexpectedly, one har way to the happiness she is faced with a secret from the past... Surprisingly combining humor and seriousness, the painstakingly constructed plot is unraveled almost like a “Hitchcock's movie”. “Rochale...” is an intimate story featuring five protagonists and telling us that we cannot escape the demons of the past but must face them with courage. Although it has been set in the in contemporary Israel, it feels very universal. It is probably the reason why Liebrecht's plays are so successful outside of Israel. With the help of Michał Sobelman's translations, the plays are finally coming to Polish stages.

09.01.2015 - 19:00
120 minutes
This stage show is presented in Polish