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Jewish actors


Aktorzy żydowscy

“In the best case scenario a Jewish actor is actually Jewish. He has to be a good actor to boot. In case he is not a good actor, he should be at least a good Jew.”

 “Jewish Actors” is a show about a group of people uncertain of its identity. They keep questioning their identity. Captured in a capsule they are imprisoned by the same dilemmas. They are chained both by the past as well as by the present. 

They cannot get rid of their past – it would amount to heresy.

The six actors in the play tell their own stories. None of them is telling the truth for sure. They are authentic but not necessarily exact. Can an actor, essentially an interpreter, be fully credible? This is why one should take their story with a grain of salt.  

29.05.2015 - 19:00
75 minutes
This stage show is presented in Polish