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Rehab. Wszystkie bitwy Amy Winehouse

Amy was Jewish. Amy Winehouse was a star. Amy died.

We all think we knew her. The media followed her every step and every fall. We all had an opinion about what she did and what she should or should not have done, where she should be going, who she should be sleeping with, and to whom she should be talking. When she tragically died, a “who to blame” festival started.

Through Amy and her tragic fate, we tell the story of the immense desire for love, and at the same time, we explore the mechanisms of addiction: both to stimulants and to people from whom it is better to stay away. This play is also about the lack of ability to free oneself from patriarchal patterns and about seeking confirmation of one's worth in the eyes of men. It is a story about how they try to cut her according to their ideas and how her rebellion turns into a grotesque ride.

“Rehab” is a frantic performance played to the rhythm of Amy Winehouse's music presented in unexpected arrangements and performed by five Jewish Theater actresses. Each of them will be Amy.

Data premiery: 
14.10.2022 - 19:00