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The Night of the Whole Life


Noc całego życia

“The Night of the Whole Life” is a record of Janusz Korczak's memories of the last night before the extermination. Image after image, scene after scene, just like a movie, the Old Doctor is watching his life.

DOCTOR K: I was told that I tend to talk loud to myself at night. It's true, I talk. I ask more and more urgently: Have you lived? How many breads did you bake for people? How many trees did you plant? How many bricks did you lay before you leave? How many buttons did you sew? How many, better or worse, dirty underwear did you wash? Whom and how much warmth did you give? I don't just ask. Sometimes I admonish: Don’t destroy letters! They don't take much space. Faded photographs, a crushed flower, a pink ribbon, dried leaf is a reverie, memento, memory. Memories may differ: there are calming ones and the ones that are just like a drowned man coming back from the past.

“The Night of the Whole Life” is both a retrospective story and examination of conscience of a man who is facing death....


09.11.2012 - 19:00
60 minutes
This stage show is presented in Polish